Flamboyant Vajazzling

Flamboyant Vajazzling
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Flamboyant Vajazzling
Vajazzling: v. Applying decorative stick-on crystals to the skin after waxing your lady business. Yep. You read that right. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Bedazzling for your vajayjay!

You have seen it on The Tonight Show and Fox News and in the pages of Cosmo and Glamour…Vajazzling is stirring up some serious media attention this season, thanks to Jennifer Love Hewitt and her appearances on numerous talk shows where she revealed her LOVE of vajazzling. Now everyone is doing it…and so can you!

Flamboyant from Bijoux Indiscrets is the perfect accessory when in search of a little bling below the belt! Each set comes with a 2 crystal nipple tattoos and a matching crystal pubic tattoo! Each tattoo has over 150 self-adhering stones and is super easy to apply. Presented in gorgeous packaging, the see through window allows customers to see how beautiful each piece is. Designed for single use, but can be used again with pasty glue.

So, whether you need a little assistance keeping the attention of someone easily distracted by shiny objects…OR you just like the idea of beautifying your lady bits, give the Flamboyant set from Bijoux Indiscrets a try. 3 tattoos per set.